Post Reunion

Hi Classmates!.

WOW, what a weekend we just had. It was so wonderful reconnecting with so many of you. We really want to revive our Bruin loyalty and are asking you for your help.  Will you please take a moment and give us a brief comment regarding your experience with the reunion events or if you weren't able to attend, what kept you away?

Your input will be invaluable as we are already starting to plan our next homecoming.  We, as a committee, are thinking it will be great to gather annually for a causal event such as a spring fling, summer pool party or fall BBQ.. We want you there. Tell us how we make that happen.

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1)   What did you like about reunion? What needs improving?

2)   If you weren't able to attend, what kept you away?

Work conflict, not interested, cost, schedule?
3)   Would you be interested in an annual event with larger events occuring every five years?

Yes No
4)   Suggestions for future reunions?

Pool party, meet at local park, Other venues, destination reunions, I like the ballroom at the hotel like we did
5)   How did you hear about reunion?